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1, dongguan city, 2016 annual work summary meeting on January 6, 2017 in dongguan city council building main smooth convening meeting, city leaders to tax one hundred million yuan of above 94 companies made the notification, recognition, we stand out in the dozens of businesses, has won the "2016 - degree tax outstanding contribution award", which is built on CDH paper 2016 results certainly, the New Year, we continue to make "green building CDH, environmental protection and efficient products, with you and win-win" the management idea in the first place, hardworking and enterprising, more on a new step, makes a bigger contribution for dongguan economic construction!

2, on January 18, in the afternoon, we held in the meeting room on the sixth floor, 2016 annual summary meeting, chairman and general manager Mr Li Guihua, vice chairman Mr Li Huixian, deputy general manager Mr Chen bo, Mr Li product love Mr, Mr Qing, Mr Li Zhiji serpentine, star, chief financial officer Mr Ming-wei liu attended the meeting.During the meeting, each department manager in 2016, the department work is summarized and reported on the 2017 work plan, made an important speech, the chairman and vice chairman of CDH paper of 2016 years of working in the end, 2017, full of hope and challenge we face on the blade and, after a brilliant.

3, by guangdong manufacturing industry association and the council for the promotion of industrial development of guangdong province jointly organized the "2017 manufacturing brand promotion action launch ceremony of guangdong province and guangdong province manufacturing supply side structural reform summit" and "2017 manufacturing industry association of guangdong province, the industrial development promotion association annual Spring Festival" was held in guangzhou dong fang hotel.At the launch ceremony of the brand operation, summit theme, and published the feat manufacturing enterprises in guangdong province, meritorious entrepreneurs, outstanding brand enterprise award list.Our company has won the "2016 annual feat manufacturing enterprise of guangdong province"

4, people often spring to early, lion dance, a year, in early February 6, 2017, 10, built across paper drums xuan day, beaming, lion dance in winter jasmine, open, built across one exhibition hope!And wish to support care about our society people from all walks of life in the New Year work smoothly, all.

5, because the service life of the air preheater, air leakage is serious, affect the boiler load and the influence dedusting and desulfurization facilities safe and economic operation of colleges and universities, the dynamics, to replace # 4 boiler air preheater.Change after steam can reduce power consumption, reduce factory with 21000 KWH each day, ensure high load of boiler operation, meet the paper machine production, project on February 18, completed and put into operation.

6, in response to a national "energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction" policy, the second phase of the production department 2017 combined with the actual situation, vigorously water-saving reform, the core layer clear filtrate after air-flotation improve water quality for the bottom heat dispersion dilute the thick water, used in the second phase of paper machine surface nets and composite roller of high pressure water spray, etc.Instead of paper machine equipment cooling water circulating water.Toilet flushing water instead of water reuse, satisfy the need of the equipment and meet the technological requirements, reduce water consumption, tons of paper modified save water about 3.4 million tons a year.

7, care for female employees, to greet the arrival of the 38 women's days, our company in living areas basketball court held in March 7 women's sports.In addition to the tug of war competition, kicking shuttlecock, rope skipping, strength and personal bout go hula hoop and so on, the game ended in laughter.

8, on March 14, in order to further promote and implement the huang chung village self-governance of the enterprise production safety, fire safety work, ensure that enterprises of production safety within their respective jurisdictions, in line with the study and communication with each other, learn the advanced management methods, huang chung village appoint secretary Li Xikang invited the central scroll town fire brigade management department leadership, and organize the village two committees cadres, cadres from the corporate vice President level change above and related personnel of about 60 people to built across paper, paper, silver state built birch paper, jinzhou paper to check each other to learn.

9,On March 15, we combined the central scroll pioneer worker service center hosted the "dongguan city federation of trade unions, dongguan city association of mental health in the heart health lecture into the enterprise activities" was held in our company, activity invited Fan Zhaolan associate professor to visit our company, dongguan city mental health association of grass-roots management personnel in a special "lecture of communication and management of mental health".

10, in order to guarantee the health and safety of the employees, eliminate occupational hazards, prevent the happening of the occupational disease, we according to the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases and the requirement of laws and regulations, and combining with the characteristics of the actual production of the company and in 2017 on March 21, 22, 23, more than 20 special hospital of dongguan MCL kornhill paramedics arrived at "home" for our frontline staff of about 440 occupational health examination.

11, south barley yellow, built a tranquil harmonious security long, every year April is our security, safety department in the company of the 5th safety month coming company 4.9 fire accident lesson, in the "safe production, everyone accidents air-defense" as the theme, organization held a safety education flying chess activities, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training activities, hidden perils in fire control safety knowledge training, safety activities, typical inductrial injury accident cases education activities, and safety publicity and education, and a series of safety in production of large activities, to improve the staff's production safety, fire safety, traffic safety knowledge, create a "safe production, everyone accidents air-defense" the harmony of peace.

12, to raise awareness of the occupational safety and health of the staff of company, promote enterprises to further improve the level of occupational safety and health management, on April 15, we invite 3 m China co., LTD to visit our company employees on occupational safety and health roadshow.

13, to achieve efficient and reasonable arrangement of personnel, improve the level of equipment maintenance purposes, hu a second phase of electrical and instrumentation department in April to adjust the organization structure, to run on May 1, 2017 formally, pulping maintenance team merger, paper machine maintenance team to merge, set up a technical team, set four operation team, personnel competition mount guard, in order to cultivate talents for the development of the company, for the production of stable operation.

14, to enrich employees' cultural life, the enhancement enterprise cohesion, staff belonging, organizing production 13th anniversary games, competitions are held on May 4-18, events have board (go, chess, draughts, gobang), ball, badminton, table tennis, billiards, basketball, track and field class (on a stationary bike, treadmill running, 50 meters, 4 x100 relay, mini marathon), rope skipping, standing long jump, etc.Each department staff actively participate in, the activity a complete success.

15, in order to adapt to the modern new management requirements, to achieve transformation and upgrading of industries, and comprehensively improve enterprise modern management level, the company decided to implement two fusion work management system, jitc, launched in May 17 on the sixth floor conference room.Cleaner production in guangdong province association of Li Guihua jian-ping huang and guiding teacher, our company chairman and general manager, vice chairman Li Huixian, the deputy general manager, department manager and work for group start and so on more than 130 people attended the conference.

16, according to the present a second phase of pulp production capacity bottleneck and environmental requirements, to improve the quality of pulp line capacity and pulp, reduce fiber raw material consumption, improve the environment, reduce the waste transportation vehicles, reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce labor costs, and reduce equipment maintenance costs, so as to realize saving energy and reducing consumption, comprehensive, the purpose of reduce the comprehensive cost of the tons of paper a second phase of pulping spend large sum of money on the drum pulper technological upgrading projects.On June 8, the technical renovation project pile foundation, all before the Spring Festival of 2018 boot putting-in-service proactively plan.International leading all equipment that is applied in the project quality, advanced technological process, high degree of automation, pulping equipment after the completion of the project will greatly improve production efficiency, will greatly improve the overall image of the company.

17, June 11, the production of three periods and signed a paper machine modification contract, voith helicopters modification technology of the third phase of paper machine.Through reforming will effectively promoted two machine speed, and achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency, three period for our production department to produce the high quality of corrugated board paper.

18,On June 19, in the afternoon, we in the 6th floor conference room office ERP - GS system issue of acceptance of the meeting was held and a kick-off meeting for phase ii project.Wave project representatives and our project leading group deputy team leader Chen bo, deputy general manager, deputy general manager of the qing dynasty, li love, star, serpentine project director ming-wei liu and other leaders and departments related to personnel attended the meeting.

19, to regulate employee behavior, strengthening the staff etiquette knowledge, enhance social ability, improve the image of the company is good.On July 6, we combined the central scroll pioneer worker service center for the staff to carry out the "social etiquette knowledge training".

20,Afternoon, July 8 built across paper in the first half of the work summary and award ceremony held in our sixth floor conference room.Li Guihua company chairman and general manager, vice chairman of Li Huixian, deputy general manager Chen bo, li love deposition, the qing, serpentine Li Zhiji, star, chief financial officer Mr Ming-wei liu monitor level and the departments of the above-mentioned persons attended the meeting.During the meeting, each department manager in the first half of 2017 the department work is summarized and reported on for the second half of the work plan, the chairman and deputy chairman made important instructions.The first half of 2017, we are full of passion, to spell, the successful completion of the task, for the first half of full of hope and challenges in the second half, we meet blade, braving the, after a brilliant.

21, in order to further improve the level of enterprise female worker legal knowledge, advocating women develop self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-strengthening "four-self" spirit, encourage enterprises to female worker to be "four-self" women.We combined women's federation of trade unions on July 12, "four-self" spirit in the meeting room on the sixth floor.

22,in order to give children to provide a healthy holiday environment, cultivate children's interests, reasonable arrangement of children's summer life, prevent children addicted to television, games and unattended in the network, can affect the health of growth;Avoid children alone at home safety accidents;To solve the problem employees concerns at the same time, let employees to work safely, we invited a professional teachers on August 18, on July 17, held a month-long summer camp staff children.

23,In August 2017, Chinese customs certification team to once every three years to our certification (advanced certification), senior certification is of great significance to our company, attaches great importance to the management leadership, each department product level certification, successfully passed in November, and listed in the AEO ranks in the world.

24, in order to speed up the pace of growth of new employees, through technology, actual combat veteran employees precept, specific to preach, to help make the new employees can quickly improve professional skills, smooth upgrade, at the same time build to old with the new, with new and old, helping each other, common progress, to learn, drive, help and learning atmosphere, on the morning of August 5, the production of a second phase in the workshop held a electrical division of new electrical professional graduates "from heavy art, attaching importance" from the ritual and create positions of teacher and pupil signing activity.

25, people-oriented, caring staff, full moon, happiness build CDH., the staff of the Mid-Autumn festival, we are on holiday blessings and benefits, to each employee meat moon cake, canteen, dormitory begin gift package.September 22 to 28, organization staff involved in WeChat, public participation in the answer sweepstakes, late on September 29, organize employee guess lantern fan activities, enrich the employees' cultural life, active the festive mood, add a color for the festival!

26, to further improve the level of the general staff of health knowledge, advocate healthy and civilized way of life, physical fitness, which has laid a good foundation for everybody with full spirit and healthy bodies into the life and work, on September 14, the joint central scroll pioneer worker service center to provide employees to carry out the "health management" mental health knowledge lecture.

27, to strengthen the large space large span enterprises within their respective jurisdictions of fire prevention and control work, further improve the team ability, fire fighting and rescue work at 9 am on September 2 0 day, organized by dongguan city fire team, was held in our terminal paper tent cross-regional fire accident disposal of drill.

28,Held on September 21, we summarize the third phase of 6 s management system, for the past few months the 6 s implementation work has carried on the summary report, and 6 s management in the future work to make the request and arrangement.

29, paper machine production three phase 4 respectively on September 30, and put into use on October 25, station backflow of water cooling tower.Station return hot water for cooling, reducing the amount of water, put into use after two machine can save the water 700 tons/day, achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption.

30, to strengthen the fire prevention and control work in enterprise, further enhance the level of enterprise fire safety work, on October 8, 2017, the central fire inspectorate, fire department of guangdong province, dongguan city fire team, central scroll town fire brigade secretary, secretary of the central scroll town ZhenWei, huang chung village and relevant leaders to visit our company to visit and guide the fire safety management.

31,On October 19 to 20, SGS certification body new teacher FSC were carried out for the company management system standard version for certification audit and validate our FSC management system conformity, suitability and continuous operation effectiveness.Turn edition certification through, on November 1, and in 2017 won the version of the new FSC certification.

32, study for better grasp the spirit and significance of the 19th report, on November 8 in the morning, we held a "communication implement the party's nineteenth spirit" project meeting, the meeting shall be presided over by the company party branch secretary, deputy general manager Chen bo, party members and cadres, outstanding employees from different divisions of the company attended the meeting.

33, on November 18, 2017, the second andreas, the adjustable pump event in foshan andreas's (China) co., LTD., from 19 knowledge of papermaking enterprises of the country's elite representatives to participate in the game.Our company production a second phase of mechanical team on behalf of the building the paper for entry, and won the first prize.

34, and evaluate the two integration management system operation, validation and evaluation requirements of compliance and the effectiveness of the system.On November 18-20, 5th electronics institute of the ministry of industry and information technology two fusion evaluation team conducted a process-based management system, for our two integration management system construction and operation for the second phase to assess audit.We passed audit, access to the national two fusion that enterprise management system, jitc recommended.

35, November 26, "guangdong paper industry association annual meeting in 2017" was held in guangdong province jiangmen from hao hotel.Meeting of guangdong paper industry association of various advanced unit and individual held a ceremony, we won the "2016 annual guangdong paper industry" leader "of energy efficiency" and "2017 annual guangdong paper industry excellent papermaking enterprises" title, which is built across paper consumption, green and high efficiency that practice to protect the environment and a best proof.

36, 2017 annual meeting of manufacturing industry development in guangdong province and guangdong top 500 manufacturing enterprise summit was held in houjie town, dongguan, guangdong on November 28.Meeting issued in 2017 in guangdong province manufacturing fortune 500 list and corporate research reports, dongguan listed companies up to 47, we again this year for manufacturing top 100 enterprises in guangdong province, is also a top 500 manufacturing guan qi of the top ten enterprises in guangdong province.

37, 2017, our company was rated as "the fourth all-china federation of industry and commerce paper chamber of commerce council, vice President of units", Mr Chairman Li Guihua was rated as "the fourth session of the council, vice President of"!

38, in order to saving energy and reducing consumption, effective water-saving, dynamics, a second phase of the scheduled drainage recycling to MianJiang line, after the implementation of paper machine pulp after use can effectively reduce the steam consumption, tons of paper monthly 7000 tons of water saving, reducing MianJiang pulping line steam consumption of 150 tons/month, tons of pulp steam consumption reduce 0.16 tons, 2.46 tons of slurry water reduce tons, reduce total conversion pulping cost 2.4 million yuan/year, a period even drainage and a second phase of fixed drainage full recovery in December.

39, in order to avoid the energy in the process of many transformations caused irreversible loss and caused by thermal power than too's extra condensing unit extraction steam outlet throttling losses, dynamics, the second phase of feed water pump instead of feed water pump, electric steam change will improve the overall running after the completion of thermoelectric ratio, reduce the steam consumption, energy conservation and emissions reduction, under the condition of existing capacity ability of power supply, can save factory section coal and electricity is expected to cost about 11 million yuan/year, project is expected to be completed in March 2018.

40, in order to improve the production of the third phase of instrumentation personnel operation skill level, to increase the cohesion of instrument crew, December 4, 2017, the production department held the third phase of the first instrument skills contest, activity a complete success.

41, has been built across paper be grateful, give back to society, adhere to the "benefits, relief, and the enterprise values in the first place, in November, thank you to our company funded construction villagers complex building, huang chung big temple villagers group related leaders for our company to the" enthusiastic donation Good thick "plaque.In the future, we will continue with sincere love and sense of responsibility to weave more stories about dedication, benefiting the people, for the stable development of a harmonious society contribution strength.

1. During the New Year's day, the company to the general staff meals offered condolences, at the same time in order to enrich employees amateur cultural life, inspire staff to assist the team spirit of unity, administration organization department employee of tug-of-war and rope skipping.Sincerely assist each department employees, work together to finish the race, the activity ended in applauses and laughter.

2.1 at the beginning of the second phase of pulping department joint related departments complete lining plasma modification.Project modification increases the lining pulp whiteness to reduce the dosage of the lining pulp, save costs greatly.

3. Our enterprise song all the way to run "MV is released, it is the important carrier of enterprise culture, display the spirit of enterprise, also condensed the employees' heart and strength.In order to better popularization, singing the song of the enterprise, make the company's enterprise spirit, on January 4, 2015-8, the staff of administration organization to do a good job of learning, all the staff involved and, enthusiasm of serious study, reached the everyone can sing, everybody can sing.

4. Dongguan 2 0 1 5 annual work summary meeting on January 8, 2016 in dongguan city council building main smooth convening meeting, city leaders to pay one hundred million yuan of above 7 3 companies for the recognition, we stand out in the dozens of businesses, has won the "2015 - degree tax outstanding contribution award", and one of the best in the industry or, company leaders say will keep up the good work, and make a greater contribution to dongguan economic development.

On January 22, 5.2016 years, our company held a year-end summary and advanced commendation congress 2015.Conference on advanced collectives and individuals in the second half of 2015, 2015 each department manager to this department summarized and reported on the work plan for 2016.Li Guihua subsequently, chairman and general manager, said in a speech to congress summarized 2 0 1 to 5 years of work must also summarize when, at the same time the development of the company in 2016 and the requirements of each department made clear instructions and requirements.

6.1 on 23 afternoon, guangdong industry development summit in 2016 in guangdong province and guangdong industry competitive enterprises of conference hotel grand meeting, and our company as the first session of guangdong industry promotion association executive director units, each work all has got great achievement in the past years, relying on powerful strength, was awarded the enterprise of guangdong province industry competitiveness, "feat manufacturing enterprise of guangdong province" and "good credit of guangdong province demonstration unit" title.

7. In order to let the employees feel the warmth of the festival, alleviate homesickness, and welcome the New Year coming, 2 0 1 6 years on February 7, New Year's eve, the company the dining hall for no home for the holiday, the staff and their families dumpling snack, in production workshop for the company leadership and administration department colleagues to employees on a bowl of steaming dumplings, send you greetings.Staff said to eat the delicious dumplings, not only is more of a feeling the warm from the company.

8. People often spring to early, lion dance, open years, 2 0 1 6 years at the beginning of February 15th eight, built across paper drums xuan day, beaming, lion dance in winter jasmine, open, built across one exhibition hope!And wish to support care about our society people from all walks of life in the New Year work smoothly, all.

9.2016 years on February 25, China light industry group co., LTD., vice general manager of Cao Zhenlei led, vice President of the party secretary of China's pulp and paper research institute, sun bo, a senior engineer jian-jun peng of six people to our company to visit and exchange activities.Our company chairman and general manager Mr Li Guihua himself received and exchange tour to the scene of the workshop tour, exchange tour to our management and technology to give the full affirmation.

On February 26, 10.2016 years in dongguan Taiwanese children school board chairman supervisor lamp led the principal Wu Qingyong line 14 people such as communication, to visit our factory our company chairman and general manager Mr Li Guihua reception in person.Built across paper for school development process with the help of pay, thanked the school chairman, we said it would continue to give strong support to Taiwan school development, hope a school and we will have more cooperation opportunities in the future, common development, mutual benefit and win-win results.

11. To encourage invention-creation, to improve the technology innovation motivation, strengthen corporate competitiveness, and to ensure the company's service invention results filing patent applications in a timely manner, the company "patent management and incentive system is established, on February 8, 2.

12. The production department march into the third phase of staple heat dispersion, reducing paper dust, improve product quality.

13. The production of three phase response machine substitution policy, transportation packaging line in March transformation increase automatic packing machine scanning system, reduce the personnel 8 people.

14. Care for female employees, to greet the arrival of the 38 women's days, our company in living areas basketball court held in March 7 women's sports.In addition to the tug of war competition, kicking shuttlecock, rope skipping, strength and personal bout go hula hoop and so on, the game ended in laughter.

15. The manufacturers' association of guangdong province, the industrial development research institute and enterprises in guangdong province academy of social sciences institute released on March 7, 2015, top 5 0 0 manufacturing enterprises in guangdong province, our company nearly 3, 500 million yuan of revenues in 84.

16. In order to upgrade E R P system, better promote informatization construction company, meet the demand of the company's future development, realize the elaborating management company.On March 23, heat by the human resources manager li hua, environmental Li Zhiwen department manager, administration manager of psoriasis, such as information management division deputy section chief Deng Zhibiao people's research team to reach the group headquarters, the two sides to "build CDH paper ERP system project" carried on the thorough discussion, cooperation intention agreement, the two sides leaders signed a strategic cooperation agreement and said that will cooperate in the future, to achieve a win-win situation.

17.3 on 23 to 24, we Li Zhiwen environmental manager, hr manager li, hot China administration manager psoriasis, such as information management division deputy section chief Deng Zhibiao a line of people to the shandong sun paper industry co., LTD., a two-day study and communication.Learn from the paper, study out to big business, visit the leadership of the visitors to our company and on behalf of the benefit, to our company management and the construction of enterprise culture in the future, environmental protection and information construction brought more inspiration and help!

18. In order to improve the grass-roots management personnel to aid and communal abilities of sudden accident, inductrial injury accident emergency handling ability, learning, health care knowledge, prevent and improve the occupational disease, safety walcott science health service center leaves the teacher invited on March 28 morning in the multi-function hall on the monitor of each department, the department and logistics department is part of the personnel to "cherish life, care for health" theme of emergency care, health knowledge and the teaching training in occupational health and safety management.

19. In order to further promote enterprise culture construction, enterprise vigorous upward spirit, the enhancement enterprise cohesion and centripetal force, singing the songs of the enterprise, carry forward the enterprise culture.On March 1, 3, administration organization "running, singing all the way to build a tranquil company song contest" activities, activities to carry out the various departments received strong support and cooperation, a complete success.

20. In order to improve the staff's sense of belonging and a sense of pride, to strengthen the construction of building get "family", in order to witness the growth and development of company and staff, the company is organizing the theme of "love in CDH, paper with you" employees birthday party.March birthday of employees in the first quarter (1 -) 5 0 0 people invited to 7 and 1 1 birthday party, the party in addition to an abundance of food for you, and show, games, entertain and sweepstakes, everyone in the warmth and moved, in joy and laughter had a great birthday party.

21. In order to draw serious company 4.9 fire accident lesson, to improve the staff's production safety consciousness, guide the staff set up the concept of security.In company safety month approaching, safety department safety Kurt held a series of safety production activities, to improve the staff's production safety, fire safety, traffic safety knowledge, to create "everyone understand security, all want to be safe, all security" the harmony of peace.This activity geared to the needs of factory employees, activity points hidden perils in fire control safety knowledge training, safety activities, live fire emergency drills, fire safety labeling accordingly, typical inductrial injury accident cases education activities, and safety publicity and education.

22. In order to better promote the informationization construction, the elaborating management, on April 1, 2, held in the company office building sixth floor "ERP - GS management system first phase project mobilization meeting" vice chairman Li Huixian, deputy general manager and related department managers and employees to attend the meeting.With the will, the project team to relevant departments for investigation, officially launched project work.

23.5 3 in the afternoon, the opening ceremony and guangdong famous brand product for the year of 2015 "Internet + brand" development BBS in guangzhou pearl river conference center hall of the hotel.Our coated white board paper won 2 0 1 5 years "guangdong famous brand product" title.We continue to get the title of famous brand product of guangdong province is also marks our coated white board paper in guangdong is in the lead in the industry.

On May 5, 24.2016 years, town party committee secretary of the central scroll Yin Zhao capacity and huang chung communist party Li Xikang coming to visit our company guidance, our company chairman and general manager Li Guihua, vice chairman Li Huixian, deputy general manager Chen bo to accompany them to the workshop to visit exchanges.Chairman Li Guihua assignment to our robot, papermaking process, paper making system and advanced management concept and other related situation has made the detailed introduction, secretary of the Yin on our advanced equipment and management level to a high degree of evaluation and approval, and encourage us to make persistent efforts, we will continue to do a leading enterprise of the lead.

25. In order to enlarge the popularity and influence of guangdong province famous brand products, excellent quality brand in guangdong institute launched on March 14, 2015, guangdong famous brand product "star of Internet voting" activities, the vote on a total of 515 guangdong famous brand enterprises, divided into 14 industry classification.Vote through the network, our company with the highest votes won the "guangdong famous brand product in 2015 web popularity of forest industry star".

26. After a comprehensive review, May 10, 2016, sponsored by the brand ranking web (www.10brandchina.com) "China paper industry top ten brand" network officially announced the results.There was fierce competition and strict review, the highest votes to 170353 for our company in the top of the "China paper industry top ten brand".

27. Looking for food, find food, rich employees food varieties, mining the food, for love food, love cooking staff show stage.On May 21, the administration held "ratatouille, help me first love" food comparison and charity activities.Each food group ready ahead of time or the scene and make food for everyone, in the form of the booth put their "competition", "competition" selling all geared to the needs of the general staff.According to team final sales from high to low ranking teams all sales revenue into the company the compassion funds, activities to get everyone's consistent high praise, a complete success.

28 production network system water put into use in May, by filtering clean water, reuse of high pressure spray, net saving water consumption, saving water reached 180000 tons.

29.2016 years on June 5, dynamics, flue gas DiBiao project through the acceptance of the environmental protection bureau, 8.9 million yuan can apply for to government subsidies, the first batch has been published by 30%.

30. "" because you are love in CDH, paper staff in the second quarter of the collective birthday party on June 2 and 3 0, 7 April and June birthday more than 5 0 0 staff have been invited to the party, everyone in the warmth and moved, in joy and laughter had a great birthday party.

31.2016 years at the end of June 2 paper machine flow filter system is complete, has the NOSS before the hole sieve into KBC slotted screen now, in order to improve the pulp screening and purification function, reduce the hole because of the pulp impurity.

32.7 9, we held a summary meeting in the first half of 2016, the company chairman and general manager Li Guihua, vice chairman of the board of directors Li Huixian, each department manager and deputy general manager, the monitor level of the above-mentioned persons attended the meeting.Each department manager 2 0 1 6 years in the first half of this department made a summary and work plan in the second half of the report, made an important speech, the chairman and vice chairman of 2 0 1 six years in the first half of the year awards the advanced pacesetter and advanced individual.

33. In recognition of advanced, fully embodies the company people-oriented business philosophy, the company for five years in the second half and 2 0 0 1 2 1 6 years in the first half of the advanced individual of and reward pacesetter, organize the advanced personnel and their family belong to July 2, 4, 5 batch 1-3 points for a day, in the province tourist routes are: huidong the xunliao bay and "through the dongguan", we have said a pleasant journey, arrange thumb up for activities of the organization.

34 production three phase two paper machines, the net pressure in July putting-in-service proactively scraper and a vase, improve the machine running speed and efficiency, annual output of about ten thousand tons.

35.2016 years in late July, the third phase of pulp and start the installation of filter press slurry ascending belt conveyor, September officially put into use, stable condition.

36. In order to refine the company's management, strive for civilization, neat, orderly, efficient and safe working environment and humane environment, to cultivate employees a good work habits, improve quality, strengthen the cohesion, enhance the company image and improve the core competitiveness, our company decided to carry out 6 s management system.A kick-off meeting for the 6 s management project held on July 28, 2016, chairman and general manager Li Guihua, vice chairman of Li Huixian, and each department manager, deputy general manager, department head, 6 s pushing part, and project partner representatives attended the meeting.

37. For the sake of their children for the staff to create a healthy holiday environment, to cultivate the children's interests, reasonable arrangement of the kid's summer life.At the same time in order to let employees to rest assured work, no worries, the company to employees what sorrow employees of sorrow, invited a professional faculty staff aged from 7-1 1 7 0 employee of children build CDH staff children summer camp class "custody".Course on July 1, August 8 to 1 9 was hosting summer camp class by the general staff's positive response and praise.

38. To effectively prevent and contain false information, fraud behavior such as mass, in order to improve the employees' safety consciousness, prevent employees from cheated, central scroll joint village town public security bureau police station led to come to our company has launched a "about gambling poison fraud prevention has promised" activities, the masses of workers to actively take part in, to get good learning effect.

39. In order to improve the canteen hardware facilities, make the kitchen, improve staff dining environment, the company from September 10 to the renovation of the canteen thoroughly in stages.

On September 19, 40.2016 years by guangdong paper industry association, the association, the Hong Kong productivity council for the promotion of cleaner production in guangdong province, assisted by us "paper industry of guangdong province in 2016 to implement green clean production site communication meeting" in dongguan central scroll KaiJing hotel held ceremoniously, meeting has achieved a great success.Our company chairman and general manager Mr Li Guihua delivered a speech at the meeting;Vice general manager and deputy chief engineer Mr Stars share the experience we carry out the work of clean production.After the meeting, the representatives visited our coated white board paper production workshop, the thermal power plant and sewage treatment system, the leaders and guests every aspect of our management to give a high degree of affirmation and admiration, but also evaluation as industrialization and modernization of information enterprise, our company on behalf of the pulp and paper industry of guangdong province and even the whole country's advanced level.

41. For employees with colorful culture life, active festal atmosphere, September 3 0, in National Day approaching, administration plan fun games.Have... game, rabbit, jump, cart relay, relay work together to move forward, the kangaroo jump, crab melons, touch stone across the river, the invincible hot wheels and so on, each department staff actively participate in, the activity ended in the laughter and happiness.

42.2016 years in October, a second phase of two machine core layer with breast roll wave vibration device putting-in-service proactively, achieved better online forming effect, the paper smoothness get certain improvement.

43.2016 years on October 6, dynamics, # 4 furnace flue gas heat recovery of low temperature economizer, put into operation.

44.2016 on November 30, sewage gas dynamics, # 5 furnace of blending system installation is complete, in operation.

45. The theme of "love in CDH, paper" because you are the third and fourth quarter employees birthday party in 1 1 0 month 7, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 7-12 month birthday more than 1 0 0 0 employees invited to the party, the party in addition to an abundance of food for you, and show, games, entertain and sweepstakes, everyone in the warmth and moved, in joy and laughter had a great birthday party.

46.2016 years in November last year 3 # desulfurization tower construction of power plant put into operation.The operation of the project marks the company on the waste gas processing power to a new stage, at the same time ensure that the company charge gas emissions fully meet the environmental emission standards.

47. To create a known company unmarried, single people, space, to know each other dating platform, provide communication opportunities, facilitate our administration department, and the area near the contact, enterprises, schools and other units of 4 7 single men and women 1 January 1, 3, meet in zengcheng greenway launched a heart journey, made a special communication activity, passing the youth positive energy.

48. Safety first, prevention first, our company through "9 11" fire awareness day on 1 January 9 new basketball court held a fire drill competition activities in the company, the event a great success.Emergency rescue game of the first, second and third place respectively by the wharf, environmental protection energy team, office united team;The fire extinguisher competition first, second and third team is: sales team, power, environmental protection energy;Two hose connection out of the water game of the first, second and third place respectively obtained by dynamic team, sales team, production team.

49. In order to strengthen the coordination of environmental health management, implementation of 6 s management standard, build clean pollution-free place of work and life

Environment, and combined with the current environmental protection requirements, the company decision research scope in the plant to carry out environmental health treatment, establishment of "environmental health regulation supervision team", by the environmental protection department, hr department, responsible for management of various departments belonging to environmental sanitation inspection, assessment and reporting, the rectification.

On November 28, 50.2016, dynamics, # 5 furnace flue gas heat recovery of low temperature economizer engineering, in operation.

51. In order to further strengthen the supervision of the company at all levels of management, promote the company's managers and honest self-discipline, be loyal to their duties and exercise their rights correctly, combining with the actual situation of company develop "built across paper clean from regulations, ask for each department director level and above sign" honest self-discipline pledge "sensitive positions, and began on December 1.

52. E R P management project launch in April, from the scheme in the research,, development, testing, and business process simulation, staging, eight months, 1 February 1, and H E R P - G S system officially launched CM of human resource management system, building to herald the CDH paper information construction more on a stage.

53. To strengthen exchanges and cooperation with guangdong clean production, encourage hong kong-invested factories of implement of cleaner production in guangdong province, guangdong province economic and information commission jointly with the Hong Kong productivity council introduce "symbol of cleaner production in guangdong and Hong Kong partner" program, to actively implement and promote clean production of enterprises awarded marks, encourage enterprises to implement cleaner production.Opening ceremony of the conference was held on December 16 in guangzhou huatai hotel, comprehensive strength, we got 2 0 1 year 6 "guangdong cleaner production superior partner (manufacturing) mark" title, this is also our company promote the sublimation of environmental protection work.

54. In order to improve the company forklift post skill level and practical ability, strengthen team cohesion, employees with colorful culture life, 1 February 8, 2 hr organization held the second "build CDH cup" forklift team skills, activities have strong support from all departments, a complete success!


    On March 5, 2015, the service station of Linde Forklift Company was found in JIANHUI, to provide more more convenient and high quality service for the company's forklift.  Company Vice General Manager Liang Shuquan led all related department personnel on site to guide the work. Both sides said that we must keep the sincere cooperation to achieve a win-win situation on work.


    On May 8, 2015 (world Red Cross day), Love Fund was established in JIANHUI, and Fund Management Committee was set up to help employees through a real suffering.


    On June 27, 2015, to conform to the development trend and meet the needs of the market, PM 1 in JIANHUI technical renovation was carried out. PM 1 will be renovated to produce test liner board insdead of coated duplex board with grey back.


    In July 13th, 2015,the first half of the worksummary congress was held in office building 6thfloor. Company chairman and general manager Li Guihua, Vice Chiairman Li Huixian and other Vice General Managers were attended to the meeting. Each department manage reported the work summary for the first half year and the work plan for the last half year. At the meeting, Company leaders awards the advanced collectives and individuals.


    September, in order to commend advanced and fully embodies the company people-oriented business philosophy, JIANHUI rewards the advanced managers, advanced individuals and pacesetters in 2014 and the first half year of 2015.The company organized the advanced personnel and their families (total 469 people) for a day trip beyone the province. Traval lines: Zhuhai ChangLong ocean kingdom, Panyu Changlong water park, Qingyuan Huang teng canyon rafting and Huidong the xunliao bay. Everyone was very pleased the happy journey.


    September.The company pay high attention to employee amateur life.and gave the mooncakes to each employeebeforethe Mid-Autumn festival. Administrative department organized the staffs and their families to play basketball games in the living area and held a special Mid-Autumn festival fete activity, which send the holiday blessing to the every staffs.


    September,the National Day was coming,To enrich employees' cultural life and activate festival atmosphere, the Administrative Department held the interesting sporting meeting. Sedan Chair Challenge, Rabbit jump relay, Cart Relay, kangaroo jump and Crab ship the melon were included in the meeting. The staffs took an ative part in the meeting and the meeting ended with laughter and happiness.


    September. To give full use to the activity center functions in Jianhui and fully improve the staff amateur cultural life, our Administrative Department invited the Yoga teacher to held the Yoga class in the multi-function hall.


    September 14th,Dongguan city public service human resources platform, "happiness e station" was established. In that day, Liang Suichao, the deputy director in Dongguan Human resources bureau, Zhongtang bureau visit our company with related personnel. The simple and grand opening ceremony was held by Deputy Director Liang and Jianhui HR vice manager Li Rehua. After the construction of the platform, we will strengthen the cooperation with town branch of human resources, for the staff of our company to provide a more convenient, faster and more clearly the service platform.


    October 21-23th,Responsibility sharing, Shared value. Transformation in the reconstruction and optimization.  The eighth paper industry development conference was held in d KaiJing hotel in Zhongtang town, Dongguan. Our company and Nine Dragon Paper assist the reception work of the conference. Li Guihua, the chairman and General manager, as a vice President of chamber of commerce and a representativeof a papermaking enterprises, in the name of the organizers and hosts delivered a speech on the opening ceremany in the name of the organizers and hosts. The ceremany organized each enterprise representatives to visit our factory on 23th. The representatives were all praised Jianhui environment, equipment and management, and gave high evaluation and thanks for the conference reception.


    October 26-27,Administration Department system office organized relevant departments to cooperate authority certification body to supervise the FSC annual audit work. This review found no nonconformities, passed the FSC surveillance audit, and continue to maintain the effectiveness of FSC certification.


    In the morning October 30th ,the PM I and PMII MOW office recycle paper deinked pulp project was formally put into production. The chairman and Genaral Manager Li Guihua, Vice chairman Li huixian, Vice General Manager Liang Shuquan, Chen Bo, Li Heqing, Li Ji’ai, Li zhiji and each department manager and relevant personnel took part in the Launch ceremony. The use of deinked pulp project Will reduce costs, improve business efficiency for the company.

In March 2014, the Company founded “Environmental Protection Working Team” and “Technical Reform Leading Team”.

In May 2014, the Company organized the “party for celebrating the tenth anniversary of Jianhui Paper”, with a great success. Every employee was sent a souvenir. The Company awarded gold medals by lots for employees having worked for the Company for 10 years or more.

On 26 November 2014, the Team of Experts from the Society of Environment of Guangdong Province carried out environmental risk evaluation of the Company. Upon rigorous review, the Company’s environmental risk evaluation has been passed successfully.

On 1 December 2014, Huang Jianping, executive chairman of Clean Production Association of Guangdong Province visited the Company, and awarded the certificate of a “clean production enterprise in Guangdong Province” to the Company.

The Company has succeeded in its application for the first lot of Class A credit enterprises in China. On 12 December 2014, the competent authorities awarded this Company the “Class AAA in corporate quality and credit” and “Class AAA corporate credit” medals and certificates.

In December 2014, Production Department established cooperation with ANDRITZ at phases 1 and 2 to join efforts in starting the MOW office waste paper deinking line project. The operation of the project will enable the Company to reduce production costs and to increase efficiency.

On 9 April 2013, the Company organized the “firefighting safety month” series of activities. The Company has fixed April 9 each year as the “day of the Company’s firefighting safety”, and every April as “the Company’s month of firefighting safety”.

On 27 March 2012, No. 3 and 4 machines were successfully started in their operation.

On 9 April 2012, 4.9 exceptionally big fire took place in the Company.

On 13 June 2012, the Company established its security control department.

In July 2012, Jianhui recovered its production in an overall manner.

On 26 August 2012, the Company held the first forklift skill competition.
In June 2011, the Administration of Dongguan Municipality for Industry and Commerce awarded the Company the “enterprise observing contract and valuing credit in Guangdong Province for 2010”.

On 12 November 2010, the Company formed cooperation with Inspur Group for the implementation of the ERP project.

On 13 November 2010, Phase 3 project of the Company at the annual productivity of 400000 tons of liner board paper was put into production.

On 1 December 2010, as an internal publication, “Jianhui” has been officially founded and published since December 2012.

In November 2009, it was awarded a clean production enterprise in Guangdong Province.

In 2009, the Company was awarded the title as a “famous brand product in Guangdong Province”.

In December 2008, “Jianhui” was chosen as a “famous brand of Guangdong Province”.
In January 2007, it passed the certification of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and the OHSA18001 Vocational Health and Safety Management System.
In January 2006, it passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification.
On the evening of 20 August 2005, coated white board paper No. 2 paper-making machine was officially put into production.

Founding ceremony of Jianhui Paper Company in 2004.

The coated white board paper No. 1 was started on the early morning of 24 May 2004 and officially put into operation

The plant was built on 9 December 2002.